Last week an employee from Frontex signed up on the ‘Be Part of It’ form on our website. Below you can read the reaction that was send back to explain why European May will not engage with Frontex, unless they will help to disband their agency.

Dear XXX, spokesperson of Frontex,

Thank you for your email stating that you want to be part of European May.

While our campaign is in principle open to everyone, we can only accept your offer under the condition that you help us disband the agency you are working for. Yes, we want you to be unemployed!

Together with European national governments, Frontex is a major perpetrator of the racist Europe we oppose. The borders you are upholding are killing thousands of human beings every year. As you read this, refugees are fighting for their lives on dinghies in the Mediterranean sea, are sold on slave markets in Libya, or die of thirst in the Sahara desert. Frontex and the European governments are scapegoating traffickers for this heinous situation. But we will not be fooled: Without the walls you have erected, these deaths would not occur. Without Frontex upholding and patrolling European borders, tens of thousands of human beings would live instead of dying a brutal and senseless death.

We represent a Europe of the people. The people of Europe must unconditionally include migrants and refugees. We don’t want a racist, murderous Europe that pretends to care for human rights but in reality tramples on them. We are fighting for a Europe of freedom, equal rights and dignity for all. We want migrants to have full access to democratic and social rights, including the right to free movement.

We would like to suggest that the money that is currently being spent for Frontex should instead be used to

  • dismantle European border walls and fundamentally expand rescue operations in the Mediterranean. Our friends from SeaWatch, Jugend rettet, Medecins Sans Frontieres, Sea Eye, Mission Lifeline, Watch the Med, Human Rights at Sea and SOS Méditerranée have amassed expertise and experience in rescuing human beings, a practice that is now being criminalized all across the EU,
  • help refugees and migrants settle in and find a new home in communities across Europe, and expand social safety nets and economic opportunities in the communities that take them in.

If you are ready to help us, you are welcome to join.


The European May




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