People across the world are suffering because of decades of policies that put corporate profits before working people. Economic and political inequality have risen sharply. Nationalism is weaponized by the powerful to divide us. But none of the issues we are facing – climate change, economic and gender inequality, racism and exclusion – can be solved on the national level. Therefore we must fight back by uniting across borders behind a common purpose.

European May is a transnational grassroots organisation building a new movement that aims to transform European politics from the bottom-up.

We are reaching out to people without a political home and are building their power to fight for an inclusive democracy and a society of care.  We are linking together local groups from all over Europe (currently: Amsterdam, Athens, Belgrade, Berlin, Bielefeld, Brussels, Cluj, Lisbon, Ljubljana, Tetovo). We are a diverse group of people living in Europe, a majority of us EU and non-EU migrants. In 2020, we are launching a trans-European grassroots campaign aiming to turn back the tide of nationalism for a world of care and solidarity.

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In 2020, we want to build our power and fundamentally reshape European politics. We have already set short-term steps to work towards that ambitious vision and are currently building our transnational connections while investing in new forms of organizing. We are currently working on three interconnected issues, one of which will be the basis for our 2020 grassroots campaign: Gender and Care Work; Economic and Environmental Justice between Europe and Africa; and European democracy.

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Meet some of European May folks

Get to know some of the activists of European May in this video made by Chris Hellwig in 2019, ahead of the European elections.

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