Exactly 70 years after the proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Pro-European activists of the network European May will remind the European Union of what values have been violated along the way. They will pin 12 theses on the doors of public buildings and hang up posters citywide in Hamburg, Warsaw, Caen, Lyon, Lille, Berlin, Brussels, Mainz, Paris and Bielefeld in a coordinated effort to reclaim public debate on the future of Europe. In Berlin the theses will be pinned on the door of Rotes Rathaus on 6.15 pm, in Caen at the train station at 2.00 pm.

Each thesis is dedicated to current rights violations that happen all over Europe. “Everyone has the right to express a political opinion” answers the violence against protestors in Poland, “Art, science and education must be free” is addressed towards the Hungarian government that tries to ban arts and science institutions which are not in line with its ideology, “Everyone has the right not to suffocate” alludes to the German carmakers’ manipulations of emissions control softwares.

European May will work together with the activistic Make Europe Great For All campaign ‘No Day Without US’, set up by the European Civic Forum. Activists all over Europe will share their visible action by taking pictures, videos, wave banners and share all of this with the MEGA community. They share the conviction that the European societies cannot keep the promise enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the EU treaties without a vibrant and recognised civil society, actively organised at all levels, able to act. And they bring into focus that many European citizens are already fighting rights violations on the continent: from striking workers in Greece to protesting women in Poland.

This coordinated protest campaign is the first effort of the transnational Pro-European activist network European May. European May aims to connect and unite individuals, social movements, unions, progressive parties, communities and NGOs across the European continent in a campaign for a progressive transformation in Europe. From 1st until 9th of May 2019 (the day of the crucial EU Summit in Sibiu) they will occupy public spaces and organize creative and disruptive, non-violent actions all over Europe.

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