May 9 - Shake The Summit

May 9 - Shake The Summit

European May organised alternative citizen summits in Amsterdam, Warsaw, Paris, Berlin and Mainz.

On May 9th 2019, EU leaders will draw the outlines of the “Future of Europe” during a summit in Sibiu. Despite ever more urgent calls for constitutional assemblies, our leaders have failed to involve the people of Europe in this process. Treating Europe as an elite issue, however, will not solve the current crisis of integration. “Europe Day” 2019 is our chance to show that European civil society is ready.

Let’s show European leaders that transnational democracy is alive ! Let’s show them that people’s assemblies are already a reality! Let’s reclaim the agenda! European May will do this by organising Alternative Assemblies where the people will be heard who normally aren’t. 


One common frame – many provocative, interconnected and live streamed debates !

In the afternoon/evening of May 9th, citizens assemblies were held in Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Mainz and Warsaw. These assemblies provided an opportunity for citizens to:

  • Voice their own opinions on the issues discussed in Sibiu
  • Put important issues ignored at the summit on the agenda
  • Exchange with citizens in other cities
  • Show that Europe’s people are ready to design the EU’s future!


Amsterdam 18:00 – 21:00 8th of May! 

Alternative Assembly with progressive organisations coming together and envisioning a new future for Europe. We will start at 18:00 with some shared food and we will end the night by watching Ajax playing the Champions League.

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Warsaw 17:30 – 19:30 9th of May 

Alternative Summit with three Panel discussions

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Alternative Summit in Paris. Come join us in the garden and take the microphone to discuss the future of Europe!

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Berlin 17:00 – 20:00

Alternative Summit!

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