#Standtogether #Unionsnotborders – For a solidary Europe


More and more people are threatened by housing displacement and even homelessness despite working part- or full-time. Workers all over Europe are being entangled in a struggle for social justice that is contested by investors and businesses mainly looking out for lower costs and bigger profit-margins. Money does not work!

On the 1st of May 2019, European May joined the people who take the fight for workers’ rights to the streets. As European May, we solidarize with the 45 million members of the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) and workers around the world. Together we celebrated the idea of solidarity without borders.

European May supports strong and unitary labour unions that negotiate collective agreements with employers and have a significant say in EU decision-making. European May activists demand a European Green New Deal to save our planet and ensure a just transition towards a hopeful and sustainable digital era! Together we crank up the volume for gender equality, fair wages, and quality jobs for all. Let’s celebrate the fight for better working conditions for care workers like teachers, hospital staff and domestic workers, whose crucial work too often goes unrecognized!

European May supports those who fight for the rights of migrant workers who are particularly vulnerable to exploitation. We support those who fight for the welfare of workers in every country because our struggles are connected. An attack on any of us is an attack on all of us. Together Europeans made noise to amplify workers’ voices in all the companies and parliaments in Europe!


The goal of the action day was to bring together progressives on the 1st of May – to show that progressives and workers are one. Workers’ struggles and unions’ actions need to be transnationalized to have impact. And the other way around, European May needed to bring local actions and struggles to the transnational activists and their progressive circles. Only together we can make the change happen for a social Europe

First of May 2019 Actions

Action Pictures First of May

Scroll down to see the pictures of actions in  Athens, Berlin, Bratislava, Cologne, Dortmund, Hamburg, Lisbon, London and Mainz and online of check our facebook album.


Online Organised by Levfem in Sofia

Feminism and Exploitation: Share your stories of Work Harassment and Unpaid Care Work.

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#StandTogether in:

Lisbon 12:00 – 15:00  

12:00 Checked out which companies stayed open having their workers working on the workers’ Day and later joined the demonstrations.

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Demonstrations that were joined:







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