On the 5th of May, we want to highlight the always more shrinking civic space all over Europe. Therefore, we want to exemplarily show how European governments are systematically taking on our liberties and reclaim civic spaces for us.

The European May wants to send out the message that Governments are systematically shrinking the space in which civil society can act in order to establish always more authoritarian patterns.

Civil Society engagement is crucial when it comes to a strong democracy. More than never before, civil society actors are under pressure. As European May we will come together all over Europe to show how connected, powerful and ready to reclaim Civil Society actors from everywhere are.

Action 1: Take political hostages!

Picture 1 shows you an example of how you could redecorate a sculpture into a political prisoner. This picture was taken in Mainz, Germany and shows a sculpture of Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the first printing press and an important cultural figure to the local population, having been taken as a political prisoner. Around his shoulders a poster with the Slogan “No Gutenberg – No Printing Press / No Europe – No Free Press!” was wrapped. On May 4th we want to take symbolic figures as political prisoners and label them with messages that fit the European May narrative.

Action 2: Close down public buildings!

Picture 2 shows you an example of how you could close down a public building rather symbolically while minimalizing the risk of legal prosecution. This picture was taken in Mainz, Germany and shows the Johannes Gutenberg University having been closed down with crime scene tape wrapped around the entrance area. This action was done in order to highlight the arbitrary pressure being put on civil society by many governments around Europe. This concrete action was inspired by Viktor Órban and his government closing the Central European University for political reasons. We suggest you choosing

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