Another Europe is in the making!

Today, all over Europe, people are rising up. School children are striking to demand climate action and environmental justice. Working people are standing up against a race to the bottom depriving us of fair wages and working conditions, and the rights and means to resist powerful employers. Women are demonstrating for equality and the right to rule over our own bodies. Migrants are fighting for equal democratic rights as citizens.

European May strives to connect and unite these grassroots movements and their demands. We can only win this fight over the future if we stand together in unconditional solidarity. We will not be divided across lines of gender, race, or nation. If they deny rights to anyone, they deny them to all of us. If they deny dignity to anyone, they deny it to all of us. We, the people of Europe, know that power concedes nothing without a demand and no longer accept a Europe that is ruled from above. Thus we, the many, must re-create and fight for it from the bottom up.

The Europe that We Want is Already in the Making!

We are fighting for a Europe of freedom, equal rights, climate justice and dignity for all. This is a Europe in which no worker has to struggle to make ends meet; in which no woman is treated as less than a man; in which no queer person is beaten and harassed; and in which no migrant has to die at a border. It is a real democracy in which we can truly organise and govern ourselves – in our communities, in our societies, and in Europe as a whole. It is Europe that lives and fulfills our human need for compassion and community. A Europe that where the people and planet come first and economic profits second. 

Join our transnational, creative, disruptive, non-violent Campaign Online And Offline! 

To build this Europe, European May organized transnational creative, disruptive, non-violent actions online and offline in cities across Europe in May, 2019. To this end, we have build a dense network which aims to connect activists, social movements, unions, communities and NGOs across the European continent. Even though the Action Week 2019 has ended, European May is currently researching possibilities to move forward. European May still needs engaged citizens to discuss what is needed for a successful transnational European Public Activism. Join us!

European May is about our shared idea of a European future.

We welcome each of you to engage with us.

The collective is working in alliance with The European Moment, European Alternatives, The European Collective, Citizens for Europe, and seeks synergies with other existing trans european networks such as the Europe We Want alliance (30 European NGOs supporting human rights, environmental and social justice, feminism), Another Europe is Possible, Krytyka Polityczna and the Transeuropa Caravans.

Conversations about Europe with European May activists

21st of March EuropeanMay gathered in Warsaw to connect with local activists, European Alternatives and Transeuropa Caravans. We finalized our Action Plans which can be found at our Action Page.

Out of Focus Anthropologist, Chris Hellwig went along and documented conversations about Europe. 

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